Jackson Rossi

CEO & President

Confidence is necessary when it comes to leadership and Jackson certainly has it in not only himself but also in Brij and the value that it brings to the marketplace. Jackson’s ability to network has proven to be one of the most beneficial assets that he brings to the table. This network allows him to easily recruit top-tier influencers and find potential clients. During his junior year of high school, Jackson started Salt Nation, LLC, which is an outdoor athletic apparel brand. Less than a year after Salt Nation was created, Jackson noticed the need for an application that connected brands with Instagram users, so that the users could promote their brands and be rewarded by doing so. It’s through the realization of this need that Brij was born. While running Brij, he is also currently studying finance at the University of Florida.



Alex is the Vice President and initial investor of Brij. Alex has always been entrepreneurially minded and has been starting companies since he was 16. His first company, during his sophomore year of high school, was an attempt to run merchandising for his family’s restaurant chains ‘Copeland’s’ and ‘Popeye’s’ based out of New Orleans. Right after graduation he co-founded his second company, Wash.o. Wash.o was a college-based, independent contracting company which allowed students to pay other students to do their college chores when they did not have the time themselves. At the same time Alex went through real estate licensing at the Bob Hogue School of Real Estate and closed on his first investment property one year later. Alex was approached by Jackson Rossi with the idea of Brij. Seeing great potential within the concept he quickly joined. Outside of Brij Alex is a member of the Honors College at the University of Tampa where he is pursuing a double major and a double minor, he is the founding father of a fraternity, a member of his school’s student conduct board, and the Vice President of his school’s anti-human trafficking organization. Alex’s insight and impeccable leadership continue to navigate Brij through calm and rough waters.

Jim Maguire

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Jim Maguire is the Chief Financial Officer of Brij, where he handles all financial matters relating to the company. Growing up with an interest in finance, Jim purchased his first stock when he was 15. Since that point, Jim has focused on developing his passion through vigorously reading and studying the markets as well as researching historical trends of different securities. When Jim was 16, he started an Investment Club at Lawton Chiles High School, where he educated his peers on how to manage their money effectively and appropriately. When Jim was 18, he led his Future Business Leaders of America team to a District Championship. That same year, Jim published an article in SeekingAlpha, where he correctly predicted the acquisition and stock movement of the telecom company MagicJack VocalTec. The following semester, Jim enrolled at the University of Florida, where he was accepted into the Gator Student Investment Fund (GSIF). Jim joined the technology sector of GSIF, where he was instrumental in Fund’s purchase of Facebook stock. Jim’s current investment focus is Brij, where he sees immense potential in the near and long-term. Jim is a driven, dedicated, enthusiastic individual who gets the job done. The Brij team is extremely excited to have Jim on the team and looks forward to the success they will share in the future.


Chief OPerations Officer (COO)

Ramy is our newest team member and investor. You will never see Ramy without a smile on his face as he is always in a constant, encouraging, and uplifting mood. This exuberant personality is accompanied by an impeccable track record that has success written all over it. During high school, Ramy created a plethora of businesses that stem from website design to innovative technology and other gadgets. His high school’s administration rightfully recognized his potential thus appointing him as the CEO of the Buchholz High School Academy of Entrepreneurship. To add to the list, Ramy is also trilingual, speaking Arabic, English and French. Ramy is also the Marketing Manager/Creative Director of a popular cookie delivery service out of Gainesville. You can always expect him to give it all he’s got regardless of the circumstances. It is a great blessing to have Ramy’s vote of confidence in this company. His addition brings substantial value as he is not just a one position player- as he covers a range of skills from customer relations to marketing schematics with a lot in between. The Brij team is very excited to have him on board! 

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