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Brij is known for infusing brands with personality and character through the popularity of micro influencing. When comparing to all other current forms of advertising, Brij has the advantage given its cost-efficient benefits, higher ROI, and mobilization rate. Once Brij is seen in action working with companies by investing less money in advertising, but seeing more money come through the door- it’s a done deal!

Fall 2017 Chick-fil-a Watermelon lemonade

Spring 2018 Loftsmart Campaign


Trends are always evolving, especially in the business world. As business owners, it is included in the job description to “keep up with the times,” therefore advertising must always update to reach the target market. Currently, the millennial demographic is steering away from traditional forms of advertising, leaving businesses in the dark. Companies will continue to struggle with hitting their target market without a proper form of advertising, but Brij can help!


Millennials are becoming increasingly hard to reach, thus leaving businesses desperate for a way to connect with this younger demographic. In situations where companies are dependent on advertising, the consumer has sizable leverage. In most cases, businesses are left fearing bankruptcy because they are unaware of how to breach this Millennial barrier between their business and the desired consumer. But don’t worry, we are here to Brij this gap.

Brij solves the problem that a lot of businesses are currently facing. We are focused on bringing two vastly different demographics together through the marketplace. While Brij is viewed as a fun, trendy, tech startup, it also serves a much more significant marketing purpose and solves real-world problems effectively.

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