How does Brij perfect the concept of influencer marketing?

Chances are a majority of people would not know the term “influencer marketing” if brought up in a conversation. However, if asked if someone has seen Kim Kardashian post a picture promoting a product on Instagram, they will more than likely say yes, they have! This concept is the social media magic of influencer marketing. Let’s get to the nitty gritty behind this rising social media upsurge.
By definition, influencer marketing is the promotion of a brand or service by a person who has a large influence on his or her social media followers.


While this is the case for all influencers, there are two sub-categories, coined macro-influencers and micro-influencers. Macro-influencers are deemed this title for a reason- they have over  thousands, even billions of followers on their platforms. Although macro-influencing serves as a far more efficient way of advertising for many companies as opposed to television, radio, and billboards, there are still cons that are hindering its scalability. The top 3 concerns are lack of authenticity, high price tag and a key point that is often overlooked- the idea that high follower count means high influence, which is a myth.

The main determinator of influencer status on social media platforms is their engagement rate per post from their followers, not their follower count. Let’s say someone who gets 200 likes per post with 1,000 followers has a high engagement rate of 20%. However, Kim Kardashian, a celebrity and macro-influencer only has an average engagement rate of 1.2%. Micro-influencing is the solution to the issues of macro-influencing, excelling in all of those 3 areas.

Now, what really is a micro- influencer?

A micro-influencer can be seen as a local celebrity on social media who has a heavy social influence on his or her peers and the decisions they make. If done correctly, micro-influencing can be the most resourceful, cost efficient and powerful form of advertising. Along with being a strong form of advertising, the risks that follow macro-influencing are now fixed. Authenticity is renewed by real people engaging their content with genuine followers, high cost is eliminated by charging per engagement instead of post, and measuring a trend-setter’s influence is accurately tracked followers and likes. The concept of micro-influencer marketing has been revamped at Brij through our software which enables us to seamlessly pair together companies and the top influencers in Florida. Thus “brijing” the gap between the two highly contrasting demographics. Brij has sought out the most influential 13-21 year olds in Florida and has prepared them to unleash the power of their influence when a well known brand gives them the opportunity. This platform has selectively given the keys to success to influential, young adults in high schools and college towns all over, and has empowered them to make the most out of their social influence. Companies who partner with Brij will be blown away from the access they have to the extensive database filled with the most influential millennials in their respected area. There is no cheaper, more efficient and resourceful alternative to Brij. We beat our competitors on every level.

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