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What’s in a like?

BRANDS, MICROINFLUENCERS WHAT'S IN A LIKE?You scroll down your feed like you do every day, ignoring the pictures that don’t interest you, liking the pictures that get your attention, a simple, yet effective gesture to display admiration, approval and confidence. It’s...

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How does Brij perfect the concept of influencer marketing?

BRANDS, MICROINFLUENCERSHOW DOES BRIJ PERFECT THE CONCEPT OF INFLUENCER MARKETING?How does Brij perfect the concept of influencer marketing? Chances are a majority of people would not know the term “influencer marketing” if brought up in a conversation. However, if...

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How to Become a MicroInfluencer

MICROINFLUENCERSHOW TO BECOME A MICROINFLUENCERSee if you can handle these six simple steps...  STEP #1 Fill out the form on the homepageSTEP #2Get hiredSTEP #3Take selfies with Brij brandsSTEP #4Post to Instagram with Brij hashtagsSTEP #5 Influence your followers to...

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MICROINFLUENCERS WHY BE A MICRO INFLUENCER?MICROINFLUENCERS What is a Microinfluencer? MICROINFLUENCERS How to Become a MicroInfluencer BRANDS, MICROINFLUENCERS How does Brij perfect the concept of influencer...

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What is a Microinfluencer?

BRANDS What Is A MicroInfluencer? YOU could be a micro influencer   POPULAR Do you have 1000+ Instagram followers? TRENDY Do you use and love great brands? SAVVY Do you want to earn money with your social posts? INFLUENTIAL Do you move people to take action? CHARISMA...

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