You scroll down your feed like you do every day, ignoring the pictures that don’t interest you, liking the pictures that get your attention, a simple, yet effective gesture to display admiration, approval and confidence. It’s a simple double tap, and yet it is taken for granted. An interaction such as that, while simple and second nature, can actually have substantiate value, contrary to what many parents and elders tell you. “Stop spending all that time on social media- it’s no good. “But what happens when that popularity, your influence on social media becomes a streamline for revenue? Brij has presented the opportunity for that dream to become reality by paying you for posting pictures of the brands that you already love. Think of it like this- if your popularity rises, you get more likes and followers, your bank account follows as Brij continues to reward you for your social influence! 

It used to be thought that only celebrities and very select people could be paid to promote a product, but aren’t’ you more likely to buy a product if your best friends post about it? Do you remember a radio ad about a car sale? A poorly written billboard? You will remember what your friends are up to, because those are the people you trust the most. At Brij, we use your influence to your advantage. Every time someone likes your post, we’ll pay you.  Brij gives you the ability to earn money, and the choice of what brands to work with. The freedom to choose is imperative- why not chose to make money off of your social media?

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